Please note: we do not fill sterilized products, also known as "sterile filling".


US- Packs (Pillow Paks) are the perfect solution for sample packaging.

Designed and constructed to accommodate nearly any kind of liquid.

Designed and constructed to accommodate liquids, lubricants, lotions, greases, creams, pastes, gels, oils, alcohol-based and viscous products. US-Packs are ideal for all cosmetic, cosmeceutical, personal care, industrial, automotive, and consumer market applications.

Choose from a wide range of in-stock sizes and colors, or customize the design to meet your specific needs. Either way, FIll It Pack It US-Packs are the best way to increase interest in your company’s products and extend brand awareness.

At the forefront of innovation.

FILL IT PACK IT, INC. is an innovative contract packaging company, that can provide you with the means to effectively sample your product to customers. Specializing in quick-to-market situations, we have a variety of product lines available and can tailor fit the final assembly to suit any of your packaging needs. Services for short & long runs are available.

Trust us to show off your unique product!

FIPI US-PACKS are unique and durable containers for all types of liquids & gels.

• 4 different tip styles twist-off & cut off
• Custom color tubing and printing available
• FDA approved medical grade tubing
• Short runs OK

FIPI US-PACKS are unique and durable unit dose containers for liquids ranging from lotions, scrubs, masks, creams, gels, waxes, oils as well as industrial products.

Formed from thin wall medical grade PVC tubing and electronically sealed at intervals, the pillows contains no air or headspace. Many different configurations are possible, with four different tip styles to choose from with volumes ranging from 1cc to 6 ounces.

The tubing is extruded in house using FDA approved medical grade PVC compounds. Clear, white and black packages are available from stock, but we can also create custom colors in opaque or translucent. Printing on one or two sides by pad transfer provides excellent resolution, with minimum font size of 4 points. Logos and graphics are easily accommodated.

Lead Times

With lead times of 4 to 6 weeks with order quantities as low as 5,000 units, FIPI US-PACKS provide a simple and effective way of delivering a sample or unit doses of your product to customers.

We look forward to hearing from you!

US-Pack Features

  • Manufactured in house from thin-wall, FDA approved, medical grade PVC (poly vinyl chloride)
  • Electronically sealed (RF) with no air pockets or head space and with high burst strength
  • Six tip configurations
  • Volume amounts from 1 ml to 6 oz
  • Choice of slack, medium or plump pillow shapes
  • Variety of in stock and custom tube colors available
  • Color pad printing of text and/or graphics on one or both sides
  • Can accommodate liquids, lubricants, creams, gels lotions, oils, pastes and alcohol-based products

Variety of sizes and tip styles.

With a wide range of sizes and tip shapes, many different configurations are possible, making it easy to customize the US-Packs for your specific needs and product application.

US-Packs can accommodate volumes from .035 oz. to 6 oz. Their thin-wall PVC construction allows pillow shapes from slack to plump. And a choice of six tip styles provides the perfect means to deliver your product right where it’s needed.

Whatever the application, Fill It Pack it’s US-Packs are the perfect choice for your promotional, retail or sample-size packaging needs.

Standard and custom colors.

In addition to volume, shape and tip configuration, Pillow Paks come in a wide variety of colors. Choose from one of our standard colors or new crystal clear tubing.

Need a custom color? We can match any Pantone color you might require. Either way, we will work with you to meet your brand’s design and packaging needs.

Custom pad printing.

Maintaining consistent branding is critical to the success of your product, and US-Packs are the perfect medium to extend your brand’s awareness.

With our automated pad printing, we can apply your logo, graphics, and text on one or both sides of the US-Packs with excellent resolution and one or more Pantone-matched colors.

US-Pack Gallery

Here is just a sampling of the companies that have used Fill it Pack it Pillow Paks for their product marketing needs. We’re ready to add yours to the collection.

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